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Message from the Executive Director


Lake County, FL


Cheif Executive Officer
Fifty-four [54] years later and experiencing the worse pandemic of our lifetime, we still remain focused and at the forefront of fighting the “War on Poverty” here in Lake County. We are proud to still be a part of the great Community Action Movement that started with the “Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.” In spite of the crisis “Pandemic” that we are still experiencing as we conclude and prepare for another year (2021), we are proud of the accomplishments that the agency has made toward some of the strategic goals for the next three year period. We pause to say “thank you” to the board of directors, dedicated staff, volunteers, and community partners who still believe in the vision and mission of the agency. The staff has done an outstanding job and put their lives and families in danger to make sure that the children and families in Lake County continue to receive and access the services needed for them to survive these critical times. I personally take my “hat off” to each of them, but to remind them that we still have more to do before it is over. We also pause to recognize the financial supporters and sponsors who have shown that they do care enough to share their financial resources. We are still at the forefront when it comes to building partnerships and providing services to help people become self-sufficient. We continue to be successful because of our ability to build partnerships; they are the lifeline of Lake Community Action Agency. We salute all of our community partners and challenge each of them to stay in the fight with us as we, together, help change peoples’ lives. It is vital that Lake Community Action Agency continue its legacy of “Helping People…..Changing Lives.” This is a challenge but we will remain steadfast in our resolve. Celebrate with us as we share our past accomplishments, but we still need your strong support as we forge ahead to help meet the needs of the many families that have and will be affected by this pandemic. Thank you for allowing me to share 51 years of my life with this great movement called “Community Action.” Here is hoping we will be able to continue to build partnerships and provide services to the children and families into the future. God bless Lake Community Action Agency. Humbly Yours, James H. Lowe, Certified Community Action Professional Executive Director

Weatherization Works in Florida

Lake Community Action Agency

501 North Bay Street
Eustis, Florida 32726
Phone: 352-357-5550 ~ Fax: 352-483-2298


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